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Why should your brand do UGC on TikTok?

Simon Lebrun
December 13, 2022
Last modified on
May 17, 2023
Create TikTok UGC content for brands

Social networks are changing and marking the end of an era. New generations are using them much more to guide their purchasing decisions than to connect with their loved ones. They are hungry for content that is relevant to their interests.

Did you know that the vast majority of TikTok users prefer the content suggested by the application based on their interests than the one posted by their friends or subscribers? 96% of the time spent on the social network is on the For You page.

This trend has a huge impact on the way brands communicate on TikTok . To reach the largest number of viewers, they have to share more authentic content, or collaborate with creators/consumers to expand their audience. 

In marketing, this is what we call UGC: user-generated content that companies capitalize on to boost their social media strategy. In this article, we will look at TikTok UGC and its benefits for your brand.

We also share with you our advice on how to make the most of the potential of UGC by building a strategy adapted to your objectives. 

What is UGC TikTok?

User Generated Content is content created organically by users of a social network to promote a brand. Also called "consumer generated content", this content is then shared and used by the brand on its own account or as part of a marketing campaign.

Using their customers to generate content is a great way to build loyalty, display social proof and create close relationships with their consumers. This format can also be a great way for them to tap into the creativity and experience of their user base to reach a wider audience or improve their products. 

TikTok UGC allows brands to collect and rebroadcast more authentic videos than those they could create themselves. This strategy can even help them limit their advertising creation costs.

Why does your brand need to get on TikTok UGC?

On TikTok more than on any other social media, authenticity is king . This is why many brands break their teeth on the platform. Its users feel very quickly when the content they propose on the platform is forced or just copy and paste the current trends. 

In general, we are much more likely to follow the recommendations of other consumers and influencers in our purchasing decisions. In fact, 83% of shoppers no longer trust advertising and prefer to listen to the opinions of online users.

User-generated videos are just as effective as those 22% more effective than those published by your brand to convert new customers. They capture and hold viewers' attention more.

The TikTok UGC is also the ideal format to gain visibility on the application . Indeed, its algorithm highlights videos that generate a lot of engagement. User-generated content (which is most often filmed in front of the camera and in complete spontaneity) has a click-through rate 4 times higher than content produced by brands. It also has an engagement and conversion rate almost 3 times higher.

3 examples of brands that have understood UGC on TikTok 

The UGC format has always existed

If these numbers haven't convinced you to take the plunge yet, you might be more confident in the brands that are already using TikTok UGC to boost their marketing on the social network.

There's nothing like using proven examples to launch your own UGC campaign on the social network.

You can for example look at : 


Many of Sephora's customers make creative content on social networks, whether it's for a lipstick or a new perfume, the cosmetics brand enjoys great visibility on the social network TikTok. Notably, because of the celebrities and ambassadors that represent the brand, but also because of its influence strategies supported by user-generated content. A large part of the videos featured on the Sephora account is in UGC format, where each creator is guaranteed to be tagged in the description to encourage them to continue, offer them visibility and allow other consumers to see their video republished in turn.

@sephorafrance Which of these 3 sets are you eyeing? 👀 Full face @rarebeauty by @asyouwantbabe with the Essential Eye Kit, 3 Piece Liquid Blush Set and Mini Matte Lip Duo 🤍 #sephorafrance #rarebeauty #makeup #rareroutine ♬ Love Buff - Official Sound Studio


The camera brand has fully understood that its customers are in the best position to show the full potential of its products. When it launched on TikTok, GoPro took the ingredients of a UGC strategy that had already proven itself on YouTube and Instagram. It even went further, by creating challenges that can be found on their "GoPro Awards" site. Each participant submits their best videos and, if they are selected, GoPro rewards them with cash or equipment!

@gopro Going dark 🔦 Pitch-black POV from #GoProAwards recipient @Nikolaj Juhlsen 😳 #gopro #hypersmooth #gopromax #mtb #mountainbike #pov ♬ original sound - GoPro


Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of graphics software used worldwide. The creativity of Abobe users is limitless, just like TikTok. The platform is the perfect place for Adobe to showcase its users' achievements and present their software and functionality in action.

@adobe I could sit here and watch @ciara.bourne edit all day 😌 #adobetok ♬ original sound - Adobe


How to create your brand's UGC TikTok strategy?

Brands that use the UGC format are 2.4 times more likely to be discovered by the platform's users than those that only share content they produce. By boosting both your brand awareness and consumer trust, this strategy is certainly one of the most effective on the app.

Here are the 5 steps to collect and make your user-generated content strategy viral.

1. Define your goals

Before you even launch your first publication on TikTok or collect the content created on your brand, you must absolutely define your expectations and the results you want to achieve.

UGC content can serve several purposes

  • Boost your brand 's awareness and visibility on the platform or with a new consumer segment; 
  • Create excitement around the launch of a new product or service and increase your sales;
  • Collect feedback on your brand to improve its offering;
  • Build a community of brand ambassadors on which to base your future social marketing campaigns.

2. Get to know your future content creators

The second thing you need to do is to understand who your subscribers are on TikTok or the users you want to target on the platform. But above all, you need to have a clear idea of the type of content they consume and share on the social network. 

Take advantage of the data you can collect on the app (as well as the data you already have on your target audience) to determine what expectations they have of your brand . More importantly, what type of TikTok content they interact with, what other accounts they are most likely to follow, etc.

Among your future UGC content producers, the most impactful are certainly the influencers. So, take an interest in content creators who already follow your brand or who are specialized in your niche. Depending on your budget and your ambitions, you can start collaborating with micro-influencers whose content dedicated to your brand will automatically reach a larger audience.

3. Explain to your audience the content you want

This is definitely the most strategic part, but also the most challenging. To inspire and engage your users in content generation, it's important that you share guidelines with them about the type of creative content you want.

A good example with the cosmetic brand Estee Lauder and its natural serum #AdvancedNightRepair to moisturize every skin type. The beauty market is saturated on TikTok but Estee Lauder knew how to differentiate itself by publishing UGC videos of young women sharing their secrets to have a shiny skin using the brand's products.

You can test the Duo and Stitch features to encourage interaction on your videos. It's an effective way to collaborate with other creators and it promotes organic reach to reach a wider audience.

@knoknofuri #duet with @mimiermakeup okay @essence.cosmetics ! This shows up even on dark skin! I love! #viralmakeup #essencecosmetics #lipstick #fypシ ♬ original sound - Mirta Miler

The trick is to find the right balance between generating content that will be easily identifiable and reusable on your own account, and not stifling your users' creativity.

If you have chosen to collaborate with influencers to collect UGC, you can also send them a brief. Share your objectives with them and challenge them to come up with new content. Be as clear as possible, and don't hesitate to provide them with examples of collaborations they can draw inspiration from.

4. Capitalize on UGC TikTok

Once your followers have created content for your brand, it's up to you to put it to good use. You can simply repost your followers' content creation on your official page to give your community the recognition it deserves. But also create trust with your potential customers and make them discover your universe in a more authentic way.

Also consider using this audience-generated content for your TikTok ad campaigns. As mentioned above, UGC generates much more engagement, trust and conversion than traditional ads. You can use organically generated content that performs best to maximize the impact of your ad campaigns, because you already know that they resonate with your audience.

The Spark Ads type of ad can be very useful when you are working on the UGC format. Spark Ads are similar to an Instagram post boost but much better! This native ad format allows you to leverage your organic posts to generate more results at each stage of your funnel. You can use the TikTok ad builder tool to add a CTA on your original content, leading to a landing page of your choice or a TikTok Instant Page (which you can use as a form to generate new leads). By using this feature you give your UGC content a better chance to appear in front of even more audiences, increasing reach, awareness and conversions.

5. Measure, analyze and repeat

Your TikTok UGC strategy may not work the first time. The whole point of social media marketing is to measure your results, analyze the impact of your campaign, and improve what needs to be improved for your next attempts.

Your ultimate goal is to build a network of trusted creators to get high-quality generated content that matches your brand goals, resonates with your target audience, increases ROAS and delivers compelling results.

With the Sleeq agency, analysing your performance becomes child's play. You can also save yourself several months of trial and error on the application by trusting our UGC agency to accompany you. Our experts will help you set up your strategy, select creators and coach them to produce impactful and viral content.

We'll support you in creating content and setting up effective campaigns on TikTok, ensuring that our actions are in line with your marketing objectives

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