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How do you create and develop an engaged community on TikTok?

Simon Lebrun
November 20, 2023
Last modified on
November 24, 2023
How do you create and develop an engaged community on TikTok?

TikTok, much more than a simple entertainment platform, has become an influential cultural engine. Its slogan, "It starts on TikTok", reflects the reality of a social network where ideas spread with lightning speed, reaching 7 out of 10 users who recognize its influence on cultural trends. From phenomena like #TikTokMadeMeBuylt, which empties store shelves, to #StudyWithMe, creating a sense of companionship for lonely people, or hearing your friends say "I saw that on TikTok", that's 71% of users who think the biggest trends start on TikTok.

What sets the social network apart is the inclusiveness of its communities, which even extend to brands. Companies are encouraged to produce video content that is entertaining, authentic and informative. By integrating seamlessly into these communities and respecting their codes, brands see significant growth in engagement and sales.

In this article we share the mechanics of these communities on TikTok and reveal the key strategies for building a strong brand awareness and a community truly engaged with your brand's account.

What is an engaged community on TikTok?

An engaged community on TikTok is defined as a group of users united by common interests, passions, shared values, or a specific goal. At the heart of this social network, these communities express themselves freely to connect their peers, fostering authentic, ongoing exchange.

For brands, immersing themselves in these dynamic communities is essential. Engagement - measured by interactions such as likes, comments, and shares - is a key indicator of a brand's resonance within the community. High interaction means not only greater visibility but also a deeper emotional connection with the audience, which is crucial for customer loyalty and brand growth.

Criteria for an engaged community on TikTok

  1. Strategic use of hashtags: Members use specific TikTok hashtags to categorize and amplify their video, facilitating discovery and engagement within the community.
  2. Community-Generated Content (CGC ): This authentic content, often in the form of videos with sound, is created by and for the community. It generates natural engagement because it's directly aligned with users' interests.
  3. User-driven algorithm: TikTok's algorithm favors personalized content, recommending videos based on content rather than creator popularity. This ensures greater relevance and more meaningful engagement within the community.

In addition, an engaged community on TikTok is also characterized by :

  • Authentic interactions: exchanges between members are sincere and reflect a genuine interest in the subjects shared.
  • Active collaboration: users actively participate by creating and sharing videos, commenting and taking part in challenges and discussions.
  • A sense of belonging: Members feel connected to the community, which translates into loyalty and mutual support.

These features are essential for brands aspiring to go viral on TikTok, as they help convert casual observers into fervent, committed ambassadors for their brand.

The most influential TikTok communities

In reality, TikTok is a rich and diverse ecosystem, home to a multitude of thriving communities and subcultures, often unknown to the general public but nonetheless extremely influential. Presented through short video formats, these communities form the vibrant heart of TikTok, where thousands of groups with specific interests coexist and thrive, such as BookTok, PlanteTok and WitchTok.

The most influential communities on TikTok include : 

  1. Literature (#BookTok): With over 198 billion views, #BookTok is a veritable phenomenon. This community has the power to propel little-known novels, such as "Le Chant d'Achilles", to meteoric popularity, influencing book-buying trends on a global scale.
  2. Food (#FoodTok): Accumulating 75.7 billion views, this community grew during containment, becoming a space for the exchange of recipes and culinary ideas. #FoodTok has popularized specific dishes and ingredients, illustrating TikTok's ability to influence global culinary practices.
  3. Sport (#FitnessTikTok): The sports community on TikTok, with its 6.3 billion views, is a dynamic hub for fitness and wellness enthusiasts. From at-home workouts to innovative exercise routines, this community inspires and motivates its members to adopt an active lifestyle, while creating a platform for sports coaches and fitness influencers.
  4. Beauty (#TikTokBeauty): On TikTok, Skinfluencers, a mix of dermatologists, estheticians and skincare aficionados, share their opinions and advice. With 4.5 billion views for #TikTokBeauty and 4.4 billion for #SkinTok, this community significantly influences skincare trends, from daily routines to beauty product reviews.

Each of these communities reflects the way TikTok shapes and redefines trends in various fields. For brands, understanding and engaging with these communities is a key strategy for strengthening their presence and resonance on the social network.

How do you create a community on TikTok?

First and foremost, it's a space for creation and sharing, where deep commitment takes root. For brands that succeed in integrating themselves harmoniously into these communities, the benefits are manifold: increased visibility, enhanced brand awareness, more authentic relationships with users, and exceptional engagement rates. It's worth noting that content on TikTok tends to achieve a 15% higher engagement rate than on other social networks.

To build an engaged community around your brand on TikTok, it's essential to develop a creative strategy aligned with the interests, codes and values of the target community.

Inspiring creativity

To be authentically integrated into a TikTok community, a brand must prioritize the creation of original, native and captivating content that goes beyond purely commercial advertising. This creative approach is essential to establish a real link with users and stand out within the social network ecosystem.

Working with influencers

Influential creators in your field can help you disseminate video content that respects community codes. Collaborating with them is also an excellent way of extending the reach of your publications and reinforcing your brand's credibility and authenticity.

Promoting brand values

Each TikTok community is rooted in distinct values. For example, beauty on TikTok is characterized by greater inclusivity. Embodying these values can strengthen the bond between your brand and its audience.

Increase brand interaction

TikTok communities are places for interaction and sharing. Get actively involved by replying to comments, liking and sharing other creators' content, and organizing collaborations. Become an active and engaged member of your community.

Adapt to trends and audience feedback

To be perceived as an authentic member of its community, your brand needs to stay up to date with the latest TikTok trends. Also pay attention to your audience's reactions and preferences to adapt your content and maximize the organic growth and engagement of your publications.

Analysis of a TikTok account with an engaged community

Fenty Beauty, a pioneer in the cosmetics industry, has established itself as a leader on TikTok, effectively captivating generations Z and millennials. With over 2.6 million subscribers and 52 million likes, their success on the platform is undeniable. Several key factors contribute to this success:

  • Diversity and inclusion: Fenty Beauty, renowned for its commitment to diversity and inclusion, reflects these values in its content on TikTok. Their posts feature models and designers from diverse backgrounds, which resonates deeply with their community.
  • Educational and informative content: The brand strikes a balance between entertainment and education, mixing fun and authentic content, such as behind-the-scenes glimpses, with detailed tutorials for various looks. This approach enriches the user experience and builds trust in the brand.
  • Authenticity and transparency: Fenty Beauty maintains its commitment to authenticity and transparency, often illustrated by behind-the-scenes views of their product development process and showcasing the diverse team behind the brand. This creates a bond of trust and authenticity with their subscribers.
  • Engaging hashtag campaigns: Fenty excels at creating buzz around its product launches. The brand has initiated several popular challenges on TikTok, such as #TheNextFentyFace, encouraging the creation of content by the community and thus increasing engagement.

In conclusion, cultivating an engaged community on TikTok is essential to strengthening your brand's presence and authenticity. Active engagement is necessary: innovate with your content, follow trends, and interact regularly with community members. Our agency is ready to support you in the development and implementation of your TikTok strategy, guiding you towards resounding success on this platform.

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