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#The agency

Our story

Before becoming the leading agency on TikTok, Sleeq was the collective of three content creators who wanted to share their understanding of this new medium with brands.

Sleeq's mission is simple: to enable brands to take full advantage of the TikTok social media by making good use of Influence Marketing, TikTok Ads and Community Management.

After a few months of freelancing, the Sleeq agency was launched in January 2021, welcoming expert TikTok talent, with a perfect understanding of Generation Z, and with the desire to innovate on a platform where everything is still to be built!

Sleeq has official TikTok Marketing Partner accreditation as a Media Agency and Creative Agency.

#the TEAM

Our team

The team continues to grow, and today represents a diversity of creative talents, marketing experts, and even TikTokers enabling Sleeq to deliver TikTok services at a level unequalled on the market.

Antoine Godfroy
Adrien Caupin
Simon Lebrun
Anna Dezecache
Basile Delcroix
Clara Gaubert
Antonin Gerard
Quentin Annassamy
Mélane Ougier
Clélia Maligne
Jeanne Cousteix
Theodora Nikolova
Lydie Tapsall