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Generate conversions
with TikTok Ads

Advertising on TikTok and not achieving any performance results, makes you think that your brand is not meant to be on the platform.

We accompany you in the strategic thinking, the production of your creatives and
the diffusion of your advertising campaign, in direct partnership with the TikTok France teams.

We accompany you in the strategic thinking, the production of your creatives and the diffusion of your advertising campaign, in direct partnership with the TikTok France teams.

As close as possible to your objectives.

Our agency TikTok Ads brings you a simple and applicable methodology to generate growth and sales on this new acquisition channel.

Discover our solution

Launch a profitable advertising campaign on TikTok

Generating traffic, leads and sales on this new acquisition channel has never been easier, if you do it the right way. As a TikTok Ads Agency, our mission is to help you get the most out of the TikTok social network by integrating our campaigns into your marketing strategy.


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per facility

generated in 3 weeks thanks to the creation of 6 advertising formats for TikTok.




in 2 weeks via a lead generation strategy in the Grand-Est region.



per purchase

generated in 3 weeks, an efficient campaign for their first launch on TikTok Ads.


They recommend us, find out why

"Very satisfied with the collaboration with the Sleeq agency and in particular with Raphael and Quentin who accompanied us throughout the process. They showed reactivity, professionalism and kindness throughout the project to give us a very qualitative rendering adapted to our requirements!"
Ali Sebai

Ali Sebai

Acquisition Manager

"Sleeq is a young and dynamic TikTok agency, with a real strength of proposal. Their teams were very willing and involved throughout the advertising campaign and they didn't hesitate to go the extra mile in providing support!"
Theo Canovas

Theo Canovas

Traffic Manager


The only advertising solution to support your growth

Rather than seeing TikTok as a platform for a marketing stunt, and not being able to replicate it, we follow a precise methodology that allows us to build on growth in a replicable way, and on which your growth can be based with confidence.

Iterative approach

We use the performance of previous campaigns we have run to analyze your results.



We produce creative every month, to keep your TikTok ads effective and engaging and to avoid creative fatigue.

Team alignment

Our creative teams are in direct contact with the Performance Manager to ensure maximum transmission of information.



We optimize the delivery of creative and ad groups on a daily basis according to our A/B tests, for optimal performance.



We track the performance of campaigns launched on the TikTok Ads media buying platform.

Analysis and reporting

Our performance managers analyze these campaign results and provide our clients with monthly reports.


A team dedicated to creation

Producing TikTok content requires a particular expertise in the design of content, but also in the ability to accompany the client towards new creative choices.

Sleeq's Creative Lab is the team specialising in the creation of TikTok content, made up of a Creative Manager and two production managers, at the service of your projects.


Maximize your performance with TikTok-friendly creatives

80% of the advertising results on TikTok depend on the quality of the assets displayed.
We have therefore decided to place the heart of our expertise in the creation of native content for TikTok, adapted to your advertising campaign objectives and to the different stages of your sales cycle!


We thoroughly analyze our clients' product and sales pitch to reach the target audience and generate a call to action.


We produce all of our content in-house with our Creative Lab as well as our own talent pool capable of embodying the content.


We have developed different formats of TikTok videos optimized for performance, after more than 2 years of iteration on the platform.


We base our creative strategy on a sequence of iterations, so as to avoid creative fatigue and increase performance over time.


Benefit from a team of TikTok experts

Sleeq Agency helps brands make TikTok a successful channel, thanks to the experience of our marketers and our history of successful campaigns on the platform.

Nouha Sellam
Nouha Sellam
Account Manager

The Account Manager has extensive experience with Sleeq and guides the campaign to achieve your results.

Eva Sacalis
Eva Sacalis
Creative Strategist


Strengthen the expertise of your teams

We have imagined and designed different contents to train your teams on the TikTok platform.

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Do not remain without an answer

We have tried to answer your most frequently asked questions about TikTok Ads in our FAQ.
If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

What budget should I set aside to launch a TikTok Ads campaign?

For awareness campaigns (reach), whatever the budget, CPMs are around 1โ‚ฌ, so with 1000โ‚ฌ you can hope to generate 1M impressions. For conversion campaigns, to generate sales, the results appear from 10Kโ‚ฌ per month. The budget should therefore be defined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the objectives.

Can you accompany me only on the creative part?

We can indeed only take care of the production of the creatives, without launching the TikTok Ads campaigns. For this we will require access to the advertiser's TikTok Ads account in order to be able to monitor the performance of our creatives and to make accurate reports in order to optimise the performance of the creatives that follow.

Can I reuse creatives from other platforms?ย 

We can sell you the rights to use the creatives if you wish. However, the creatives are optimized for TikTok, and may not be suitable for other advertising platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat...).

How are creatives produced?

Our creatives are produced in-house, with our teams. We take care of finding the concepts and producing the videos with actors trained in the requirements of the TikTok format. The format is native to TikTok, in UGC, with an iPhone and following the platform's codes.

What do creative women look like?

Creatives are most often UGC(User Generated Content), i.e. content resembling spontaneous content created by the brand's customers. These are currently the most successful formats on TikTok, as their format is the closest to the content produced by TikTok influencers.

Should I make a long-term commitment to Sleeq?

We offer support for a minimum of 3 months. However, the contract can be terminated at any time.