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How to make views on TikTok - 10 tips

Simon Lebrun
April 25, 2022
Last modified on
May 17, 2023
Getting views on TikTok. 10 tips. TikTok logo tiktok account

If you've ever opened TikTok and scrolled through the app a bit, you've probably wondered "but how can we make so many views?".

And the answer is simpler than it seems.

The reason everyone is talking about TikTok so much is because its algorithm has completely changed the game. Here's how to tame it to get views on TikTok.

What counts as a TikTok view?

The first thing to do to get views on TikTok is to understand, at least in broad terms, how the application works . You will indeed have a hard time getting views and setting up an effective communication strategy otherwise.

It is also good to know that on TikTok, the number of views does not depend directly on the number of subscribers you have. This means that you can get hundreds of thousands of views with 0 subscribers, thanks to a unique algorithm!

The view counting system is also special. As soon as the first 3 seconds of your video have been viewed, TikTok counts a new view. If the user then scrolls, the view is still counted, but this will necessarily lower your average viewing time. So you need to capture and maintain the attention of your users as much as possible.

How to get more views on TikTok videos

Despite all the hacks you can use, the most important thing is obviously the content itself . The design of your TikTok account and your posting habits can however influence your performance on the application.

So how do you make views in 10 steps? 👇

1. Find your target audience

We often talk about niche in marketing, and TikTok is no exception. When you start on TikTok, it is important to target a theme and a niche on which you want to evolve. This will allow TikTok to "categorize" you and distribute your content to people who are interested in that niche.

Targeting your audience will greatly help you generate more views in the long run. So it's essential to create content for the same target audience. Don't talk about cars one day, then makeup the next. This will allow the algorithm to do its job properly and present your content to the corresponding profiles. You'll get a more qualified audience at the same time.

2. Optimising your profile

Even before producing videos, your account itself needs to be thought through intelligently so that users who come across you understand who you are and what you can offer them.

To optimize your profile, we recommend that you follow these three steps:

  • First of all, it is necessary to choose a short and effective username. A username that is memorable and that can be found across all platforms. So that your community can find you easily. Choose well, because the key is to keep it on the long term in order to remain consistent and not to destabilize your already active audience.
  • Names or keywords related to your brand are increasingly typed into the app's search bar, just like on Google or Bing. Adoptthe right TikTok SEO strategy to make the most of them so that your account will be better referenced.
  • To assert your identity, opt for a distinctive and engaging profile photo. You will attract the eye with a unique and recognisable photo. Using a coloured background, for example, can set you apart from the more traditional photos used by the majority of the platform's users.
  • Also think about working on your description (or bio). If it is well optimized, it will arouse the viewer's curiosity and encourage him to dig into your account, by watching your existing videos for example.

From 1000 subscribers, you can also add a link to your website or any other platform of your choice in order to convert your subscribers outside TikTok.

Here is a good concrete example:

3. Making native content

TikTok's production logics are relatively unique. There are the trends, of course, which are mostly based on music and action to be reproduced.

But trends aside, TikTok consumers are used to seeing certain types of formats, so it's important to produce videos that look native so they blend naturally into the feed.

To do this, of course, don't hesitate to spend time on TikTok yourself and consume content regularly.

Once you have understood the logic of TikTok content, to produce your own native content, don't hesitate to use the music and hashtags proposed by the platform.

But most importantly, if you want to produce native content, the easiest way is to produce everything from your phone, doing everything from TikTok. The app even allows you to edit, making cuts, adding written inserts and adding music after filming, etc.

You can also produce content called UGC ("User Generated Content" or "content created by users"). It is a format that allows to remain authentic and spontaneous, it is largely favored by the algorithm of the application.

4. Providing value

Beyond the fact of creating native content, you should always ask yourself about the content: what message are you sending, and above all, what do users get out of it after having seen your video? In short, what value do you bring?

Your added value must be well defined and noticeable in each video.

Sometimes it seems that TikTok is an absolute entertainment platform. But educational niches are extremely present on the application as well. 

@whatsupwolrd, for example, has a purely educational DNA displayed with his bio that reads "Growing together."

In another genre, @lamethodeantoine is an account to "help you break through" (on TikTok), as the creator mentions in his bio. It produces educational content that aims to decipher TikTok and help its users to become experts.

Note that the Value you produce can also be emotional: laughter, sadness, joy, etc.

But no matter what, you need to think of your content in terms of the reaction your audience should have when viewing it. It is indeed these reactions that will generate real interaction on the platform.

5. Making a video at the right length

The motto on TikTok is "every second counts". You have to be as efficient as possible on TikTok, because keeping your audience's attention is essential to achieve a good viewing rate for your video. 

The more your audience watches the entire video, the better the video will be judged by TikTok. This will be even more the case if the video is viewed several times.

6. Optimise content for rewatch

Rewatch, or viewing the same content more than once, is a very important virality criterion. TikTok's goal is that users stay on the platform as long as possible. A video that is viewed more than once goes in this direction.

Some hacks exist to optimize the Watchtime and Rewatch percentage in order toincrease your chances to break through on TikTok.

7. Regularity to gain views

As with many social networks, on TikTok, regularity is rewarded. Whether it's posting a piece of content every day, or one every three days, you have to be consistent and maintain the same rhythm.

The more you are applied, the more the application will highlight your content in the "for you" feed. This will recommend you to users, who sometimes extend beyond your target audience. This will boost your views. Also, your followers will be more loyal to your friend if you post regularly.

Set a pace that you know you can maintain over time, and then gradually increase it rather than the other way around! The ideal is to post one TikTok per day, but this is not always possible. On TikTok, quality is more important than quantity! Rely on well thought-out videos, built and thought to perform on the platform. And be clear about your production capacity.

8. Advertising your content

To boost your visibility, you can of course sponsor your content so that it reaches more people.

To do so, there is TikTok For Business.

This platform allows you to create advertising campaigns according to defined criteria: centers of interest, age or language spoken by the users. 

This will help you achieve specific goals (e.g. generate traffic to a website, increase awareness of your account, etc.). The application will indeed give you access to metrics and boost the reach of your content significantly. All this information will help you better analyze and understand your audience.

The use of TikTok Ads Manager will also be useful to promote your content in an advertising format.

9. Publish your TikTok videos at the best time

Publishing regularly is good... But publishing at the right time is even better.

And the best time to publish your TikToks is simply when your subscribers are most active.

You can start by looking at your own statistics (which is possible from 100 subscribers). There's nothing more effective than seeing when your target is most active on the app to optimize your content exposure. 

To begin with, if your account has just been created, you can refer to basic statistics: aim for times when people are willing to consume on TikTok, rather after 6pm.

When to publish on TikTok?

10. Cross-promote your videos on your other social networks

Don't hesitate to talk about your content on other platforms where you are present!

This can be an effective way to boost your TikTok videos by using the communities you have created on other social networks.

For example, some videos can become Instagram Real. In this case, always upload your creations without watermarks and with a good resolution. For this you can use or for example.

Bonus : Put a scroll stop

The scroll stopper is a phrase or a catchy element, lasting a few seconds, which allows the viewer to be hooked. Before maintaining attention, it is necessary to succeed in capturing it.

Due to the huge competition of video content on the platform, it is necessary to stand out so as not to be scrolled through automatically. So you have to think about how to hook the audience and make them want to continue watching.

Be patient and don't give up

Finally, TikTok is a powerful tool, but it must be used correctly.

It's not enough to ride a trend for content to work!

It's a social network that, like its brethren, has subtleties and can be temperamental. 🥴 

Sometimes, you launch a concept that is predestined to buzz. But in the end, the performance doesn't match up (and vice versa)!

If you are struggling to find the magic formula or are looking for a long-term boost, you can also call on an agency that is an expert in content creation and marketing on TikTok. 

We'll support you in creating content and setting up effective campaigns on TikTok, ensuring that our actions are in line with your marketing objectives

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