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How to break through on TikTok and go viral?

Simon Lebrun
January 20, 2023
Last modified on
May 17, 2023
Breakthrough on TikTok guide for brands to go viral

Given TikTok's potential to increase your brand awareness, the recipe for going viral on the social network is knowledge that many businesses covet. 

The good news is that, unlike other social networks, TikTok's algorithm does not recommend your videos based on the number of people who have subscribed to your account. In other words: anyone can break through on TikTok.

Although the playing field is more level, there are still rules to follow to go viral on the social network. The platform values the content you post based on its ability to generate engagement. 

Take advantage of our tips to maximize your chances of breaking through on TikTok and reach the right audiences to improve your ROI on your TikTok campaigns.

Our advice to break through on TikTok in 2023

Determine your target audience

Before you even start writing your TikTok account bio, you need to have a very clear vision of your brand image and what you want to share on the platform. Identifying your niche, which is the main theme of your content, will also help you determine who your target audience is. 

As with any type of content, you need to develop your editorial line . Although you don't have to limit yourself to one topic, it's best to focus on a specific area of expertise or interest. This will allow you to target a specific community and improve the quality of your content and the performance of your videos according to their expectations. 

Beyond the quality of your TikTok (which doesn't have to be professional, the platform being less demanding than other networks like YouTube), knowing your audience will also help you publish your videos at the right time, use the right hashtags, etc. 

Choose your content format

Based on the data you have about your target audience, but also on what you've seen from your competitors, you can determine what type of content is most likely to capture the attention of your audience. We also recommend that you take the time to browse the social network, and find out if there is a micro-community that shares a common interest in your brand, your products or similarities in what you do or what you sell on the platform. By aligning yourself with the content shared by the TikTok subcultures, you'll be able to connect more deeply with your target audience and find the value proposition of your videos. Will they inspire your community? Give them relevant information and easy-to-apply tips? Or will your content primarily aim to entertain your subscribers and make them laugh?

Another common point of the brands that are successful on TikTok is tohave a very easily identifiable content . Beyond the visual identity of their videos, they have developed a unique content format, which makes them much more visible in the "PourToi" feed of their subscribers or target audience. 

Create attention-grabbing videos

Now that you've identified the type of content you're going to produce, make sure your videos capture the attention of your audience. Let's emphasize your audience, because the worst thing you can do on TikTok is try to please everyone.

On the contrary, create videos that use the specific codes of your community. And without falling into the trap of bad buzz, don't hesitate to tackle subjects that can be debated, and that will therefore have a better chance of generating reactions (and especially comments) from TikTok users. 

How to get attention on TikTok?

In addition to a strong and easily identifiable brand identity and storytelling, there are certain rules to follow to create a video that captures the attention of TikTok users. 

  • Watchtime: Unless the topic you're covering is particularly complex, the key to breaking through on TikTok is to share short videos. The algorithm takes into account the average watchtime of your videos to evaluate their potential for virality. A short video doesn't give the user who is watching it time to lose interest and swipe. It may even encourage the user to go back and watch it again (especially with the auto-play feature). It is for all these reasons that short formats have higher engagement on TikTok. 

"When your nephew finally old enough to talk back" Name the movie 😭🍿

♬ Excuse me BRUHH - Castro🇭🇹

  • Keep attention in the first few seconds with a hook. Even if your video is short, it's important that it has a good hook to be viewed in its entirety. Don't wait until the last second to share your tip or discount, but rather within the first three seconds.  

  • Increase the completion rate with a loop. On TikTok, if a video is automatically played, looped or viewed multiple times by the same user, all of these count as new views. So you can boost the viral potential of your content by creating a "looping video", a video that can be watched in a loop. 

  • Have a good CTA: encourage your audience to comment/liken/share your content by adding a call to action at the end of the video. Not only will this help you build a more active community

Participate in the Liligo contest if you too need a vacation! Link in bio! ✈️

♬ original sound - Quentin Resera

Surf the TikTok trends

TikTok is now known as the epicenter of new Internet trends. And trends are precisely powerful catalysts of virality. The platform's users will naturally favor content that reflects current trends. 

To take advantage of this snowball effect, the first rule to follow is tobe as fast as possible . Trends emerge, and also pass extremely quickly. So pay attention to the content that is recommended to you in your "For You" feed and be on the lookout for new music, challenges or types of content that stand out within your niche. 

Another tip for breaking through on TikTok is to own the trends. Don't just copy a viral challenge or sound. Adapt it to your own style, adding the little touch that makes your brand and its content unique. 

Finally, once you're more comfortable on the app (and have already built up a nice audience), think about how you can create a new trend . Be on the lookout for new artists or pop culture phenomena that have the potential to go viral on TikTok. 


Always value your buddy when he releases his new pair! 🤩🖤

♬ original sound - Meech

Use trendy music

If there's one thing you can't ignore if you want to make it on TikTok, it's music. No matter what type of content you share, adding background music is always a good idea. But your video really has the potential to go viral if it features a trendy sound. 

To find the most popular music on TikTok, go here: https: //

Use the right TikTok hashtags

Hashtags are one of the signals of the TikTok algorithm. This means that when you add hashtags in your video description, you help the algorithm understand the nature of your content and therefore highlight it to the right audience. 

Try to be as specific as possible, avoiding overly generalized hashtags like #FYP, #foryou. Instead, aim for tags that specifically relate to your niche or use a trending hashtag if your video is about a music or challenge that generates a lot of views on the app. 

For more tips on using TikTok hashtags, feel free to read our complete guide on the subject

Publish videos regularly

Posting content regularly on your TikTok account also sends a good signal to its algorithm. The TikTok team recommends posting 1-4 times a day. The more videos you have, the more likely you are to end up on your target audience's For You Page, and the more likely they will want to follow your account so they don't miss out on future content. 

Animate your community

The more comments on a video, the more likely it is to go viral. This works especially well if you interact with your community and create a real conversion around your content. So take the time to answer questions, respond to your subscribers' feedback and take their opinions into account for your next videos. 

Track your performance

The TikTok Analytics tool allows you to collect and analyze all possible statistics on your content. From the number of likes, to the weekly growth of your subscribers or the average viewing time of your videos... You'll have access to all the analytical data you need to boost your performance. 

Use them wisely to improve your content and your TikTok strategy by reading our article dedicated to TikTok analytics

Going viral on TikTok is not the final goal

Making it on TikTok is great, but it's only the beginning of your adventure on the platform. Your final goal is to create a real community. That is, to convert all those views and subscribers you've attracted to your profile into active customers by making them interested in your brand, buy your products or services, and even recommend them to their friends and family. 

TikTok's algorithm will reward you for this. The more you grow and animate your community, the more your content will naturally become viral

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