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How to use the Pixel TikTok for your ads?

Simon Lebrun
March 16, 2023
Last modified on
May 17, 2023
Using the Pixel TikTok

Would you like to know how your ads are perceived by TikTok users and measure their impact on your website?

Thanks to the Pixel TikTok; a simple piece of code that you can install on your site, to easily track your conversions and optimize your future advertising campaigns.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the benefits of using Pixel TikTok and how it works. You'll also discover how to install this tool on your website or Shopify store to leverage its data to track conversions and improve the performance of your TikTok Ads.

What is the Pixel TikTok?

The Pixel TikTok is a piece of Javascrip code that you install on your website. 

Once installed, TikTok automatically captures user actions on your website and can track events such as adding to cart or placing an order. These events will then be recorded in your TikTok Ads account. You will be able to measure the performance of your campaigns, optimize the delivery of your ads and analyze which ones generate the most sales. 

In concrete terms, here is an example of the code snippet to be installed on your website:

Source: TikTok Business Help Center

Why use Pixel TikTok? 

The first advantage of using a TikTok tracking pixel is that you can track the ROI of your advertising campaigns on the platform. But also, many other advantages for your ads: 

  • Track conversions in a very precise way. For example adding to the cart, making a payment and placing an order on your site.
  • Boost campaign optimization with the data collected by the pixel, they feed the algorithm to help optimize bidding models ; 
  • Personalize the audience with the interaction signals collected by the TikTok Pixel. For example, you could re-target an audience that has abandoned their cart and offer them free shipping to encourage them to complete the order before the end of a given timeframe. In addition, you can extract the attributes that worked best in your previous campaigns to target a more qualified audience in your next TikTok ad campaigns.

Beyond the many tangible benefits that Pixel TikTok offers your brand in terms of tracking its advertising performance, it is a very easy tool to set up. It requires minimal maintenance, as new versions of Pixel TikTok are updated automatically. 

How does the Pixel TikTok work?

But how does Pixel TikTok collect all this information?

Concretely, this piece of code will track and give you back all the information about TikTok users who are redirected to your site via classic web browsers, like Google Chrome or Bing, for example. 

In this data, we find: 

  • Information related to the ads that users clicked on and the events/actions on your website that this triggered;
  • The timestamp: the time at which the Pixel event took place. You will therefore know exactly when the user visited your site, put an item in his cart or bought a product;
  • The IP address used to determine the geographic location of the visitor;
  • The user agent: the type of device (model and brand) as well as the operating system and browser used by the visitor; 
  • Proprietary and third-party cookies: they are activated by default with the Pixel TikTok. These cookies allow you to measure the impact of your campaigns more effectively in order to optimize future ones. You can even boost your performance by combining proprietary and third-party cookies via the Advanced Matching option.

How to install the Pixel TikTok on your website?

Now that you know the benefits of using Pixel TikTok and how it works, all you have to do is install it on your site, following the steps below:

Step 1: Create your TikTok Pixel 

You must first have a TikTok Business account. Then log in to your account and go to TikTok Ads Manager > Assets > Events.

Choose if you want to follow the events on the application or on your website. 

pixel tiktok event

Then click on Create Pixel. This will take you directly to the Pixel TikTok home screen. 

create pixel tiktok

You can then name your pixel, so that you can more easily remember its purpose (for example, if you use it to track conversions on your website)

Then choose the TikTok Pixel option under Connection Method and click Next.

name pixel tiktok

Step 2: Install the Pixel TikTok code on your website or application

In the next screen, you will be able to configure the events you want to track with TikTok Pixel. You'll also have the option to manually set up your pixel or automatically configure it via a third party like Shopify, PrestaShop, Salesforce or WooCommerce. 

If you choose toinstall your pixel manually, click on Manually install pixel code and then click on Next. Copy the pixel's javascript code and paste it into the header section of your website. 

Cherchez un morceau de code qui commence par <head> et se termine par </head>. Votre pixel doit commencer juste après la balise <head>.

If you're going through a third party, like WordPress, you'll be able to use a plugin to install the TIkTOk Pixel code even more easily. To do this, choose Automatically set up web events via partner platforms on your Pixel setup screen. Then click Next.

However, be careful to check beforehand, as some plugins can slow down the loading speed of your site. 

Step 3: Start tracking events on your site 

Pixel TikTok events are the specific actions that users perform on your website or application. 

With Pixel TikTok, you can follow 14 different events

  • Fill in your payment information;
  • Add an item to your cart;
  • Add an item to your wishlist; 
  • Click on the button ; 
  • Make a full payment; 
  • Complete registration to your newsletter;
  • Request for contact;
  • Download the application; 
  • Initiate payment;
  • Order an item;
  • Search for a product; 
  • Submit a form;
  • Subscribe;
  • Display the contents of your shopping cart. 

You can use Pixel TikTok events to track user behavior on your site or app and how far they progress through your sales funnel. From this data, it will be easier for you to create custom audiences and Ads. 

Step 4: Optimize Pixel TikTok

To make your Pixel TikTok even more effective, you can also : 

  • Check the status of your pixel with TikTok Pixel Helper. This way you can make sure that the tracking is going well. 
  • Choose a scenario based on your business objectives and adjust your event settings accordingly. 
  • Remember to select the Developer Mode when you configure your event. Otherwise, your tracking will be incorrect. 

An essential tool to optimize your TikTok Ads campaigns

TikTok is undoubtedly the best social network to boost your brand awareness and generate more sales. But to achieve your goals, your brand needs to make sure it's targeting the right people with the right content .

Pixel TikTok will allow you to collect all the data you need to optimize your advertising campaigns and boost your conversion rate! 

So feel free to install it and experiment with the different events to better understand what TikTok users are doing on your site or app. And if you need help improving the content and targeting of your TikTok Ads based on this data, you can call on our agency !

We'll support you in creating content and setting up effective campaigns on TikTok, ensuring that our actions are in line with your marketing objectives

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