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How do you use the TikTok x Shopify integration in your ads?

Simon Lebrun
February 14, 2023
Last modified on
March 21, 2023
TikTok Shopify Partnership

E-commerce has grown tremendously during the pandemic, as has TikTok!

Aware of the stakes that social marketing represents for brands, TikTok has multiplied the tools to help them convert their audience on the platform into new customers. And one of the most effective levers at your disposal is the possibility to sell directly in the application, thanks to the TikTok x Shopify integration!

In this article, we are going to present you this partnership between the social network and the famous e-commerce platform in more detail. You will also discover how to make the most of this integration in your ads on TikTok to boost your sales. 

Shopify integration in your TikTok ads

In late October 2020, Shopify announced its partnership with TikTok For Business. The collaboration between the platform that builds e-commerce sites and the social network first took the form of a TikTok channel on the Shopify App Store, the main tool used by businesses to publish their content on TikTok. 

But the TikTok Shopify integration goes much further. For the first time, TikTok users can buy a product directly from the app . From discovering your product to buying it: everything happens without ever leaving the social network!

It's a real revolution, making the buying journey of your future customers as intuitive as possible . Indeed, consumers are increasingly interested in the in-app purchase experience, which Instagram or Facebook already offer. So it was only logical that the Chinese platform should jump on board too, especially since it has become the preferred search tool of Generation Z and has a huge impact on their purchasing decisions. 

This partnership makes their experience smoother and therefore makes it easier to convert your audience on the social network into customers of your brand. It is now even possible toinstall TikTok Pixel on your Shopify store and track the performance of your TikTok Ads campaigns directly on your site. 

How does TikTok integrate with Shopify?

TikTok doesn't just make life easier for consumers. The platform also makes it easy to integration of your Shopify store store with your TikTok account as easy as possible. 

To launch your online store on TikTok, just follow these few steps. 

1. Create a TikTok for Business account

To turn your profile into a mini-shop where TikTok users can easily find and buy your products, you must first use a TikTok for Business account .

Switching to a professional account offers merchants many advantages not available to classic users. For example, you will have access to more detailed analysis of your performance on the social network, but also the possibility to add a link to your e-commerce site in your profile bio. 

The option to switch to a business account is located in the top right menu of your profile page. Go to settings and click on the "manage account" tab.

2. Install the TikTok channel on your Shopify store

Next, you need to search for TikTok on the Shopify platform. This will allow you to add the app and install the TikTok channel.

Once this is done, TikTok will appear in your Shopify admin dash board (on the left). From this dashboard, you will be able to link your TikTok for Business account to your Shopify store.

3. Finish installing TikTok Shopify

Once you have successfully connected your account, a TikTok Business dashboard will appear. This is where you'll find all the options to manage your account, complete the integration and install the TikTok channel on your store.

For example, you can choose your level of TikTok data sharing, i.e. how your data will be collected and shared between your online store and your account. 

At this point, you can also install the Shopify Pixel to track the performance of your ads on TikTok. Also remember to add your payment method which will then be managed directly in Shopify or TikTok Ads Manager.

The last step is then to set up your marketing catalog. This will allow you to sync your Shopify products to your TikTok account and use specific ad formats such as Collection Ads.

And that's it! Your TikTok community can now buy your products directly on the application.

How to advertise your Shopify store on TikTok?

TikTok data shows thatone in four users users research or buy a product after discovering it in a video on the platform. So there's no question that creating TikTok content and promoting your products on the app is a very effective way to boost your sales. The TikTok Shopify integration goes a step further by making the experience even easier and more enjoyable for consumers. 

But TikTok is also an increasingly saturated network, where brands compete fiercely for users' attention and loyalty. If you want to promote your store on the app, you'll have to set up an adapted strategy .

Understanding your audience

The most active community on TikTok is Generation Z. This generation is much more distrustful of traditional advertising and brands than their predecessors. They look for more authentic content and validation from their peers (other users or influencers) before trusting a company or buying a product. 

Take this into account when designing your advertising campaigns. And collaborate as much as possible with platform users (via UGC) or influencers to create native content that your prospects are used to, and that they like to consume. 

Focus on Live Shopping 

Since the first Live Shopping event organized on TikTok in December 2021, this format (often referred to as TV shopping 2.0) has generated the highest return on investment. The famous American retailer Walmart, for example, claims that Live Shopping has enabled it toincrease its number of subscribers on TikTokby 25%

For sellers using TikTok Shopping, it is possible to promote your Live Shopping events with LIVE Shopping Ads . This way you can attract more users to your live events. And thanks to the collaboration of these two platforms, participants will be able to buy your items directly without leaving the application! 

Use product tags

Product tags are one of the most interesting options in the TikTok Shopify integration. They allow brands tolink directly to the products featured in a video so users can find them more easily.  

For example, if you promote a new item in your TikTok Ads and include a tag, the user will simply click on it and then be automatically redirected to your Shopify store where they can complete their transaction. 

You are not limited in the use of your tags in your TikTok Ads campaigns. By integrating them into your native content, you can turn any of your TikTok videos into a potential ad!


The TikTok and Shopify partnership: an opportunity for brands

This new integration is a huge opportunity to streamline the TikTok user experience. The app is no longer just about discovering new brands, it also allows users to make purchases seamlessly and securely. This simply means for a brand toincrease sales of their products.

But to make the most of this new window of opportunity, brands need to know how to put their communication forward, or risk not making any sales!

Fortunately, we're here to help you take advantage of this opportunity, creating a sustainable marketing strategy to achieve goals that match your ambitions.

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