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TikTok Guide: How to get the attention of Generation Z?

Simon Lebrun
April 24, 2023
Last modified on
August 25, 2023
Using TikTok to attract Generation Z

Generation Z is not just an age group. It is the first generation of digital natives to have grown up with the Internet and social networks. However, despite their ubiquity online, brands often struggle to reach and communicate with this audience. The expectations of Gen Z are very different from those of previous generations, and companies must adapt their marketing strategy to position themselves with tomorrow's consumers. Indeed, this generation values social impact and a positive environment.

This young generation is fond of short formats and video content, which logically led them to find their place on the TikTok application, where they now represent 40% of the social network's users. Brands that want to address this target have every interest in favoring this platform.

Today, we offer you a complete guide to help you conquer Gen Z via TikTok, the communication channel adapted to their consumption habits.

We will introduce you to their values, their consumption habits and their expectations towards brands. We will also give you tips on how to adapt your marketing strategy and become a brand that is popular with this young and growing generation.

Access our guide by clicking on the image.

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is made up of all the people born between 1997 and 2012, representing about one fifth of the population in France, or 11.6 million people. This generation is constantly growing and its economic impact continues to increase. In 2021, it will already represent 80.7 billion euros of purchasing power in France!

Gen Z is differentiating itself from previous generations, particularly Gen X and Gen Y, in its interactions with brands and consumption habits. This approach is encouraged by a more diverse, educated generation that is committed to causes such as environmental protection and inclusivity - 76% of GenZers place a high value on diversity and inclusion in brand messages and actions. They are very suspicious of companies' fine promises and expect concrete actions and strong discourse, especially on social networks, to assess their credibility.

What does this mean for brands?

In this guide, we explain why brands need to move away from traditional sales pitches and how they can appeal to this generation by focusing on authenticity, transparency and storytelling.

5 tips for communicating with Generation Z on TikTok

Does your brand want to position itself with Generation Z and build loyalty as soon as possible with this group of potential consumers? Here is our 5 tips to be found in our guide "How to get Gen Z's attention on TikTok".

  1. Partner with influencers: influencers give your video content a more authentic feel and help you build trust with GenZ ; 
  2. Surf the trends: it's the best way to boost your visibility with Generation Z.
  3. Use the power of UGC: TikTok user-generated content always looks more authentic and sincere than the content shared by your brand.
  4. Maximize the reach of your content with SEO TikTok By optimizing your video, you are sure to reach a wider audience and especially to target users who are really interested in your content; 
  5. Interact with Gen Z: Be active on the app! Interact with your audience to create an authentic connection with your community: respond to their comments under your videos, organize Q&A, challenges and duets with your subscribers. Show them that you are listening to them and that their opinion on your brand matters!

Position your brand with Gen Z

The TikTok app represents an undeniable opportunity for brands to connect with tomorrow's consumers today. Whether you're collaborating with influencers, launching a challenge or recreating a trend, it's important to remember that on TikTok, perfection is the enemy of good. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and don't try to master everything. Generation Z consumers are looking for an experience and a story, and for brands that aren't afraid to be different and can laugh at themselves.

To learn more about Gen Z and how you can reach them on the TikTok platform check out the ebook we've dedicated to this topic.


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