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Palladium has teamed up with the Sleeq agency to promote its flagship models, raise awareness through an influencer campaign and generate traffic to its website.

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The objective

Founded over a century ago, Palladium is a French company that initially started out as a manufacturer of aircraft tires. In 1947, after the Second World War, the company shifted its focus to shoe manufacturing. Thanks to its unique mastery of rubber, Palladium designed an iconic shoe model, the "Pampa", which became the shoe of choice for the French Foreign Legion. Today, the company continues to produce and modernize this original model, meeting the needs of contemporary urban adventurers.

To boost its presence in today's market and enhance the value of its flagship models, Palladium has collaborated with Sleeq to target the sneaker preferences of Generation Z. Although Palladium possesses significant potential with its designs and product quality, the brand remains little anchored in the minds of this generation. The campaign therefore aims to promote its collections, boost brand awareness via an influencer campaign and drive traffic to its site through video amplification via TikTok Ads.

The solution

In order to meet the set objective, six influencers, in line with the previously defined marketing strategy, were integrated into the TikTok campaign. The main goal was to reinforce Palladium's brand awareness and credibility among users. These influencers served as vectors to highlight the brand's relevance to the French and British markets, presenting shoes that are both modern and elegant.

The underlying aim was to establish Palladium as a trendy brand. To achieve this, various creative concepts were employed in the production of the videos, with the aim of attracting the attention of the TikTok community and eliciting qualitative and positive reactions, thus reinforcing the brand's presence on the platform.

To maximize the campaign's impact, actors from our Talent Pool were mobilized, and the videos were produced in the studio. This made it possible to test a more promotional approach, while benefiting from amplification via TikTok Ads.


The TikTok campaign carried out for Palladium met the objectives set. We achieved convincing results, including an 11.5% engagement rate and a significant number of views exceeding several million. The use of adverts to promote the videos helped improve performance, reaching a more targeted audience, which also helped promote Palladium footwear for the summer season.

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