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Orange has entrusted Sleeq with the task of launching an advertising campaign on TikTok to promote its "Orange Holiday" offer, via an acquisition strategy targeting the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

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The objective

Orange, the French telecommunications company, welcomed 1.3 million new customers in 2022. According to ARCEP, for the eighth year running, it has been ranked as the leading network in France in terms of mobile service quality. One of its flagship offers, "Orange Holiday", is designed to accompany customers on their travel plans, keeping them connected all over the world.

To promote this offer, Orange called on the expertise of Sleeq agency to launch an acquisition campaign via TikTok Ads, primarily targeting the United States, Canada and the Middle East.

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of this TikTok campaign, it was essential to adjust the ads to the cultural specificities and sensitivities of each target market, with the aim of obtaining an optimal cost of acquisition.

The solution

To roll out this international advertising campaign, professional actors from our Talent Pool were called in, and a dedicated film crew produced six advertising materials for TikTok. In order to achieve optimum performance, careful copywriting was developed to ensure significant results in the countries targeted by Orange.

Once the TikTok ads had been created, we ran them with precise targeting and a focus on optimizing conversions on the Orange offer sales pages. To maximize the campaign's effectiveness, each piece of advertising content broadcast on TikTok was analyzed, and the best-performing content was given greater prominence in order to optimize the campaign's profitability.


The Orange campaign achieved excellent results, generating over 56,000 clicks. The creation of the TikTok advertisements encouraged a wide reach, with each ad highlighting a distinct aspect of the Orange offer. What's more, each ad reached its target audience, amplifying the overall reach of the campaign, which totalled over 17 million unique impressions.

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