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Gallimard Jeunesse

Gallimard Jeunesse

Gallimard Jeunesse has enlisted the expertise of Sleeq agency to launch an influencer campaign on TikTok, designed to promote the novel "Famille de Menteurs".

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The objective

Founded in 1972, Gallimard Jeunesse is a renowned French publisher that collaborates with eminent authors and illustrators to enrich literature for young people. Aware of TikTok's potential as a literary recommendation platform, particularly via the popular #BookTok hashtag, Gallimard Jeunesse wanted to promote its new title, "Famille de Menteurs". To this end, the publisher called on the expertise of Sleeq agency to implement an influencer campaign designed to increase awareness of the novel. The strategy aimed not only to capture the attention of regular readers, but also to arouse the curiosity of those less familiar with reading, while generating interest in the prequel "Nous les menteurs".

The solution

For this TikTok campaign, Sleeq carefully selected 5 influencers, whose profiles varied but stood out for their relevance and coherence with the theme of children's literature. These influencers were tasked with creating short, immersive content to arouse genuine interest among users. The aim was to convey through each video the sensation of an absorbing read and the appeal of a captivating novel. The influencers mobilized for this campaign were @soleilnocturne__, @julieferrat, @mathildedebt, @ange_dawson and @amelialmbt. Thanks to their expertise in content creation and their ability to engage their respective communities, the campaign sought to boost the visibility of "Famille de Menteurs" and expand its potential readership.


The campaign for Gallimard Jeunesse's "Famille de Menteurs" performed remarkably well, reaching over 6 million views. Thanks to our collaboration with five influencers on TikTok, we were able to benefit from a wide distribution, where each piece of content underlined the novel's captivating plot. What's more, each of these creations reached its target audience, resulting in a total of over 120,000 likes.

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