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Dott has commissioned Sleeq agency to create an influencer campaign on TikTok to raise awareness among Parisians of the April 2, 2023 vote on electric scooters.

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The objective

Dott, and other self-service electric scooter rental providers such as Lime and Tier, has mobilized to inform and raise awareness among Parisians and TikTok users of the importance of speaking out during the April 2, 2023 vote on the potential ban on electric scooters in Paris.

As part of this awareness campaign, Dott enlisted the expertise of Sleeq agency to orchestrate an influencer campaign on TikTok, integrating both macro and micro-influencers. The central ambition of this campaign was to encourage greater attendance at polling stations, using a media strategy targeted at residents of the capital.

The solution

In order to achieve the objective in the shortest possible time, the strategy was divided into two phases.

In the first phase, Sleeq asked 7 macro-influencers with diverse profiles to produce a video. The aim of the video was to raise awareness of the convenience of electric scooters for getting around Paris, and to inform about the City of Paris' initiative to consult its citizens on the future of self-service scooter parking. In the next phase, 13 content creators, totalling over 10.5 million subscribers, were engaged to create a dominant trend on TikTok, encouraging other creators to address the issue via the hashtags #SauveTaTrott and #Vote2Avril.

This strategy quickly generated a great deal of media attention, not only on TikTok, but also on other social networks.


The campaign to raise awareness of the vote on electric scooters created a real buzz, accumulating over 6 million views in just 6 days. Thanks to the activation of 20 TikTok influencers, we were able to diversify our audience and ensure widespread distribution. Each piece of content not only provided information on the date of the vote, but also highlighted the benefits associated with this mode of transport. In addition, each influencer was able to effectively engage their own audience, contributing to the breadth of the campaign. This strategy resulted in a significant engagement rate of over 11% during this period, testifying to the striking impact of this initiative.

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