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The presence of luxury brands on TikTok: a winning strategy

Simon Lebrun
April 20, 2023
Last modified on
May 26, 2023
Luxury brands on TikTok

The world of luxury is a world where communication must be perfectly targeted to reach a very limited clientele. Luxury brands have understood that in order to remain competitive, they must also seduce the average consumer . This is where social networks come into play, to connect with a young and growing audience. Among these networks, the TikTok platform stands out as one of the most popular, and major brands must seize this opportunity to reach a rapidly growing consumer base.

According to a report by Bain & Company, Gen Y and Gen Z have become a new force for the luxury industry, stating that they will contribute 130% of the market's growth by 2025. For luxury brands, capturing the attention of this new wave of global buyers is critical to their sustainability. By launching on TikTok, they can connect with a growing audience and build loyalty early in their shopping journey.

However, in order to win over this cohort, it is essential toembrace a growing shift towards spending and marketing strategies that are tailored to the expectations of this activist generation. Indeed, Generation Z values positive social and environmental impact and expects companies to be in line with their values and aspirations.

In this article, we will focus on the approach that the luxury sector can adopt to engage this new younger audience. We will take inspiration from examples of luxury houses that have succeeded in making a place for themselves on TikTok by adapting their communication to the codes of this platform.

Luxury brands and TikTok

To reach Generation Z, it is essential to turn to their platform of choice: TikTok.

With more than 40% of its users belonging to this generation, the Chinese platform is a must-have.

However, the communication codes are radically different from those of other social networks, such as Meta. Unlike Instagram, where a refined and organized aesthetic is the order of the day, TikTok favors authentic, relevant content that is in tune with the latest trends. This can be a difficult characteristic for luxury brands to match.

Commonly accustomed to planning their advertising campaigns well in advance, luxury brands are often challenged to participate in the latest (often ephemeral) trends or to regularly create video content. Yet, some of them have managed to find a TikTok marketing strategy that convinces their audience, such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Versace and Chanel, who joined the platform between 2020 and 2021 and took time to think before posting their first videos.

Since then, in 2023, things have changed dramatically. The luxury sector is experiencing phenomenal growth on TikTok as brands realize the importance of the platform in connecting with tomorrow's consumers, crucial to their future growth.

How can they reap the benefits of capturing Generation Z?

By 2035, Generation Z is expected to represent 40 % of the global luxury market, a figure that highlights the importance of this cohort for luxury brands looking to position themselves for the future on the platform. Not engaging this generation now means taking the risk that they will turn to the competition, and thus lose market share.

Companies that successfully engage with Gen Z on TikTok can not only benefit from enormous short-term visibility potential, but also become recognized and valued brands in the long term. Indeed, this generation is known to become more loyal to brands as they age, offering long-term awareness and growth potential for companies that can effectively capture this consumer group. Moreover, with 85% of luxury purchases influenced by digital content, leading brands with a strong online presence will be the ones to succeed in the future. In fact, according to a study conducted by Vogue Business, 68% of luxury consumers say that content on TikTok has influenced them to purchase products from luxury brands.

How to succeed with your luxury marketing strategy on TikTok?

Luxury marketing is governed by very specific codes. It is not only about selling products, but also about offering an aesthetic and a lifestyle. Luxury houses aim above all to build customer loyalty by focusing on exclusivity and confidence in the quality of their products.

Unlike other brands, companies in the luxury sector consider Internet users as targets rather than members of an affinity community. Social networks are used as a listening and monitoring laboratory to improve CSR communication and re-establish a convincing communication with buyers and followers. Their communication on social networks is not focused on the quantity of sales or reaching a large audience, but rather to work on their image and reputation with demanding consumers who are looking for a prestigious and respectful advertiser.

The real challenge for these big brands is to find a new approach in their content creation, unique to TikTok, without losing its universe, its traditions and its inaccessibility.

Here are some strategic axes to use to succeed in your luxury marketing campaign on TikTok:

  • Focus on the experience they offer on TikTok. Gen Z values brands that create a real proximity and interact with them. Luxury brands can thus solicit their community to imagine new products or orient their future campaigns. The creation of UGC is also an excellent lever to reinforce the connection between TikTok users and the brand. We have also seen many big brands innovate in terms of digital experience by creating their own NFT or by organizing fashion shows in the metaverse. 
  • Offer privileged access to its brand. Users do not only want to have exclusive access to a quality product. They also want to have a privileged access to the universe of the brand and its creators. Backstage videos of fashion shows or live streams are perfect examples of exclusive and ephemeral content that the community is looking for on the social network. 
  • Embodying strong values: Gen Z's relationship with brands is deeper than that of their elders. They expect brands to embody their values. TikTok users will therefore favor brands that are committed to more diversity, sustainable production and respect for human rights. 

The best examples of luxury brands on TikTok

With the evolution of the TikTok platform over the last few years, some luxury accounts have been able to make their nest . The social network is now full of inspiring examples of how to adapt luxury marketing to Gen Z codes.

Estée Lauder

Skincare brand Estee Lauder launched on TikTok in 2021. In an interview with Digiday, the head of social media said the platform allows the brand to reach new audiences in the highly competitive beauty market, as well as position itself with a popular demographic: the GenZ. 

For example, Estée Lauder launched the "My Shade, My Story" campaign, which in the first two weeks alone reached 58 million views .

‍Awinning strategy as Estée Lauder's account was voted TikTok Account of the Year in 2023 .


In 2021, high fashion house Valentino teamed up with singer Lady Gaga for a TikTok campaign. The challenge encouraged users of the platform to sing and dance to a Lady Gaga song to win tickets to her concert. The brand was able to capitalize on musical trends to grow its community and boost its engagement since participants also had to follow Valentino's account and tag the brand.


Artist Rihanna's beauty brand was one of the first to create an account on TikTok, back in 2017. In 2020, it even launched its #fentybeautyhouse content creation channel through which influencers and users can share their tutorials and participate in the brand's challenges. 


The French fashion brand was perfectly able to take inspiration from the content already working on the platform before sharing its first TikTok. This way, it was able to take advantage of the trends on the platform from the beginning of the hype cycle and thus boost the virality of its content. One of the best examples is the video in which the brand recreated a concert by the singer Adele with its handbags, and in particular its best-seller (and incidentally the brand's most accessible product), the Chiquito!

Vestiaire Collective 

The luxury clothing resale platform has been able to unite a great community on TikTok by emphasizing its more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to fashion. The brand also collaborated with influencers to share inspiration to its subscribers. The items worn by the content creators were then resold on the app, perfectly illustrating its two main features (the ease with which it is possible to buy and then resell its luxury pieces). 

TikTok to connect with the new generation

By reworking their image and communication strategy on TikTok, leading luxury brands can resonate with Gen Z and win over an enthusiastic and loyal customer base. Those who seize this opportunity will find a place in the hearts of this generation, while remaining relevant to consumers and in tune with current market trends.

If you want to market your luxury brand to Generation Z, you've come to the right place! At Sleeq we create large-scale campaigns to capture the attention of new generations. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.

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