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How to break through on TikTok? 10 examples of brands

Simon Lebrun
June 10, 2022
Last modified on
May 17, 2023
10 examples of brand piercing on tiktok

TikTok has become a real springboard for gaining visibility and notoriety, and it is now a major challenge for B2C brands to establish themselves on the platform. Many well-known companies have already launched on the platform to make it a new marketing acquisition channel.

However, many brands are still reluctant to launch on TikTok. Some have difficulty visualizing the content they could produce.

So in this article, we're going to present you 10 examples of brands that have launched and succeeded in breaking through on TikTok. Let's decipher their success on the platform.

Examples of inspiring brands on TikTok

1. Collaboration with influencers and/or personalities

One of the most classic ways to gain visibility is to collaborate with influencers. The idea is to imagine and create content in collaboration with influential people on TikTok in order toincrease your visibility with their audience.

The objective is to find the influencer who best fits your image so that the users reached are sensitive to your brand. As it is a person they follow and like, they will give more credit to his words.

Following this logic, Backmarket called on the TikTok native @adele_tsy (5 million subscribers) to highlight their electronics trade-in service.


@adele_tsy When your mum is a serial hoarder and keeps all her old stuff... The solution: @Back Market 🇫🇷 ✅ / #ouvretontiroir #sponsorise ♬ her original - Adele_tsdr


In this case, the brand relied on its engaged community and on the proven authenticity of the influencer (even though this is not her preferred sector), and the video thus accumulates 7 million views.

Some brands go further in this logic by calling upon influencers to produce videos on the brand's account directly, and not only on the influencer's account. The content creators then put their expertise at the service of the brand, and thus their efficiency in production. The fact that these influencers are also well-known faces makes the content less commercial and more natural for the users.

The Pimkie brand, for example, has been on TikTok for two years. You can find opinion leaders in their field such as : @cammenthe (272 thousand followers) and @mlsdmi (146 thousand followers).

By promoting their products through content creators, brands gain visibility through the audience they have already acquired. It is advisable to work with influencers who share your values and who will convey them more effectively to your potential customers.



You can also consider using celebrities, as PSG did with Miss France in a simple and effective TikTok.

Celebrities have the advantage of being known by more people in general, and bring a special dimension to your brand communication.


@psg 👋 Our Miss France 2022 and loyal supporter, Diane Leyre, present at the Parc tonight during the qualification of our Parisians in the#UWCL semi-final! ❤️💙 @womensfootball ♬ original sound - Riz🖤


2. Deploying the brand universe

Creating an account dedicated to your brand can allow you to develop your TikTok communication in the long term and to better capitalize on the Ads campaigns you may set up.

The objective on TikTok is to deliver added value to users in the most entertaining way possible. It is a social network that is perfectly suited to give a more human, and less commercial, dimension to your brand.

For example, the @duolingo account has 4.2 million followers. The account is embodied by their logo (an owl), which comes to life via a mascot. This mascot thus embodies the account and allows all published formats to be more playful.



Finally, these videos give a face to a brand, to which consumers can become attached. This technique makes it possible to humanise the brand, to make it more authentic, and to create a proximity with customers and prospects via TikTok!

3. Presenting your products

Obviously, if you sell products that can be featured in your videos, this is also a process to use.

The challenge is to think of formats that do not appear directly promotional. It is necessary to present your products in an adapted format that allows them to be known and valued without advertising them.

Some brands have understood this. This is the case of Wethenew , which offers entertaining content to its community while always putting their product line at the heart of the production: sneakers. This way, they unite their customers and prospects through interactive and exclusive content (contests, news, behind the scenes, etc.).

It is a process that is also interesting in terms of transparency.



The example of L'Oréal, which was able to implement it with its "infallible 24-hour foundation" which was tested by celebrities and influencers at first. Then, users massively took over the crash test to test the product by themselves on TikTok.



Through this strategy, the brand managed to create a real buzz around the product, which contributed massively to its sale.

4. Allow users to interact

Having a TikTok account also allows users to interact with you and reinforce the link you have with your customers and prospects. Your subscribers can interact in a classic way via likes, comments, shares or via the use of filters or participative hashtags that you can set up.

Participatory filters and hashtags are often used in advertising campaigns, if you are interested in these formats, you can also read our article on the different types of TikTok ads.

TikTok is one of the best platforms to federate a community that will actively participate in the life of your brand.

For example, Netflix, which has more than 23 million subscribers, has created a video format called "#guessthenetflixshow" through which users interact. The concept is simple and ultra-accessible. It allows you to generate UGC (User Generated Content), and therefore to include the prospect in your universe and to reinforce his commitment and loyalty.

In the same way, you can also react to your community. For example, on the Duolingo brand account, there are several videos that humorously take up users' comments/comments about the brand. This is important to your audience and gives you something to create.

Through this strategy, TikTok allows you to create a proximity with your community as they can interact with you and vice versa. This helps to make your brand more accessible to everyone.

5. Present the brand's background

Showcasing the behind-the-scenes of your business can also be very appealing to users, whether you are a B2C brand or a B2B brand. It's often said that on Instagram, you show the result, and on TikTok, you show the process.

You can present your employees, your product range, their production, etc. This strategy allows you to humanise your brand and be transparent, which increases trust in your brand.

To take the example of L'Oréal, they have produced several videos where the camera goes behind the scenes of the making of the infallible 24-hour foundation, showing the raw materials of the product and the faces behind the product.


@lorealparis This is how we create our most iconic images with the super talented @tallissa ❤️#infailliblepowder #lorealparis #worthit #fyp #makeup ♬ Selfie - L'Oréal Paris


In another niche, Levi's TikTok account (with over 740,000 subscribers) regularly publishes archive or behind-the-scenes images of production.


@levis Reply to @thelook4less the history behind the number that changed everything 👖 #levis501 #historytok #liveinlevis ♬ original sound - Levi's


These informative videos allow the brand to invite the consumer to enter more intimately into their world while developing their notoriety and legitimacy, and highlighting their products at the same time.

This humanises the brand and makes it easier for your audience to buy into what you are saying, as they will perceive it as more sincere.

TikTok can therefore be your best ally to present your brand and praise its merits. The neobank Green-Got has understood this very well and posts educational content while explaining their values, commitments and features. This makes all the information accessible and fun. A good way to stand out and to conquer your audience!






6. Link TikTok with the brand's merchant site

Link in bio on TikTok

Of course, the ultimate goal is to convert your subscribers into customers.

The first thing to do is to put a link to your site in your description. This is possible as soon as you reach 1000 subscribers. Each account presented in this article (without exception) proposes directly in its biography, a link which redirects the users of the platform towards their merchant sites.

Each visit to your profile is then likely to be converted into a lead or even a customer.

However, the link you choose to put in your biography is something to think about beforehand. Instead of linking to the main page of your site, you can choose to link to a product page if you are a B2C brand, or to a recruitment landing page if you are a B2B company.

7. Adapting to trends

TikTok is punctuated by trends, challenges, and music that satisfy the social network's algorithm because they are native elements that maintain the attractiveness of the social network (and make it what it is today!). These trends can be the key to your growth on TikTok as they are often driven and highlighted by the algorithm. This makes sense as following a trend ensures that you produce native content that fits well with the platform.

Although very changeable, trending sounds are very effective in propelling your content into the coveted "For You" page.

Cosmetic Dew, for example, which does not make any spoken videos, manages to make them its own very well, as can be seen in this.

However, TikTok moves fast and from one day to the next the trends are not the same. In order to make good use of these trends, it is therefore essential to be very reactive in monitoring content.

8. Offer serial content

The principle is simple: present recurring concepts on your account. The mistake to make is to make them too redundant and thus lose the attention and interest of your audience. However, it is worth exploiting a concept that has worked well by repeating the format (but changing the content) to create a memorable landmark for some (they will associate your account with this strong concept). This can be a reason for your listeners to come back, to subscribe so they don't miss the next video in the series.

In particular, Fnac has started a "Booktok Fnac" series, which is followed by a very active community. This series is derived from an already well established trend, which originated from a hashtag. Their account is currently fed with these concepts in series, which allows them to highlight the products they sell, while entertaining their audience.


@fnac_official 📕 The novel "Heart of the Sahel" is recommended by @victoriabnnrd! 👌 What are your #springreads 😉 #fnac #booktok ♬ its original - Fnac


Create multiple TikTok accounts

Note that some international brands are also developing TikTok accounts for each nationality.

For example, Netflix has a dedicated account for French users (@Netflixfr). Redbull also has a French account called @redbullfrance.

These accounts allow brands to develop all the strategies put forward beforehand, according to national criteria. Thus, these "sub-accounts" can allow brands to develop their image internationally and then to deepen their communication strategies on a national scale by promoting certain trends, certain influencers or certain products.

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