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GHG Network

GHG Network

Réseau GES called on the expertise of Sleeq agency to design a marketing campaign on TikTok to promote its various schools to French students, while promoting their unique educational offerings.

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The objective

The Réseau des Grandes Écoles Spécialisées (Réseau GES) is one of the leading players in private higher education in France, with 16 establishments offering work-study programs, and over 50 years of pedagogical expertise. With the crucial application period for higher education institutions approaching, Réseau GES has enlisted the services of Sleeq to launch and promote its various schools (ECITV, ESGI, MODART International, ISFJ, EIML Paris and PPA Business School) on the TikTok social network. The aim of this collaboration is to raise the profile of Réseau GES and generate enrolments at its schools.

The solution

To achieve this objective, we worked closely with the Réseau GES teams to develop and deploy a set of 36 creative videos, in a variety of formats, to enrich each school's respective account. We assumed responsibility for managing the accounts of these schools, orchestrating each strategic step to optimize the effectiveness of this campaign on TikTok. In the first stage, the videos were created and broadcast within the schools, featuring actors from our Talent Pool as well as students from the schools concerned. In subsequent phases, we administered the GES Network advertising budget to maximize the visibility of the videos at key, strategic moments, specifically targeting students aged 17 to 24.


The accounts dedicated to each school performed remarkably well, each building up a loyal and engaged audience. The regularity of the publications led to a notable growth in subscriptions and interactions with each video published. The TikTok campaign orchestrated for Réseau GES stood out with excellent results, accumulating over 3 million impressions. The 36 meticulously-crafted videos, highlighting the special features and assets of each school, captured the attention of target users. Reaching a total of 100,000 subscribers across all accounts testifies to the TikTok community's clear interest in GES Network schools.

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