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TikTok Now: the new TikTok feature

Simon Lebrun
November 16, 2022
Last modified on
May 17, 2023
The new TikTok feature makes a difference TikTok Now and BeReal

TikTok users were able to discover in September a new feature promising "a whole new creative experience". But is it really new?

The social network announced the launch of a new solution to communicate on TikTok, entertain and connect with other users, the " TikTok Now " application. This feature, directly inspired by the BeReal application, offers users to "share their most authentic moments" of their day via a photo or video within a limited time and publish it to their friends. 

How does TikTok Now work?

Launched by the Chinese platform to share its daily life in real time, the TikTok Now app sends its users a daily notification in the form of a lightning emoji telling the user that they are "Time to now," meaning they have 3 minutes to send their friends content of their choice. ⚡️

When he clicks on it, the application triggers the front and rear cameras, inviting him to take a ten-second video or a photo. The front camera thus takes a selfie of the user and the rear camera is supposed to capture the environment in which he is.

So he doesn't really have time to travel to the location of his choice, nor to prepare.

Once published, his friends are informed through a notification.

This publication, called TikTok Now appears from the bottom navigation bar "Now" which replaces the "Discover" tab. You can access it if you have downloaded the TikTok application or "Friends" if they are on TikTok Now.

The advantage of TikTok Now is that it is a standalone application, so it is not necessary to have downloaded TikTok before to use it. However, you do have to sign up for a TikTok account to access it. 

TikTok Now a new type of content

With this feature, the social network TikTok diversifies the forms of entertainment it offers and promotes a new type of content on its platform, more authentic. This feature allows users to share an unedited moment of their daily life, taken on the spot, and "without filter" (both literally and figuratively, since users do not use it on the social network) and with a number of friends that is more limited.

TikTok Now thus relies on the power of the instantaneous and the "real" but also that of a connection with a close community. It also favors a strong engagement between users since you have to publish your TikTok Now to see those of others, otherwise they remain blurred.

TikTok Now invites all users to get involved in the game and to be an actor of the "Time to now", instead of just being a spectator behind a screen.  

Is TikTok Now different from BeReal?

This new feature of TikTok is however not innovative since it is strongly inspired by BeReal, this French social network created by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau in 2020. BeReal has been a real success worldwide, recording more than 50 million downloads since its launch and an average of 20 million daily active users. The French social network is proving to be very popular with young people in the United States, as in early September, the mobile application was ranked first in downloads nationwide, including iOS and Google Play.

It's no wonder that TikTok has taken a close look at this concept to adopt it and maintain its status as a must-have social network for Generation Z.

TikTok is not the only one to be inspired by the concept of BeReal since Instagram launched in July 2022 the "Dual Camera". After, having copied the TikTok format with the Reels, the social network also launches its feature allowing to publish in story a photo or video by activating the two cameras of the camera.

The success of this trend shows that there is a search and a real need for authenticity, especially in reaction to the often too smooth or too perfect images and videos of most social networks. It is therefore not surprising that BeReal, just like TikTok Now, is particularly appealing to the Z generations, who are more interested in sharing their life without artifice and who they really are. 

Despite its recent launch, TikTok Now is experiencing as much and as fast a take-up as BeReal as only a few days after its release, the application was in the Top 10 social network applications in 39 countries and in the global Top 100 in 24 countries.

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