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The 30 TikTok numbers and statistics you need to know for 2023

Simon Lebrun
January 10, 2023
Last modified on
August 23, 2023
30 statistics to know about TikTok

If there is one social network that has managed to capture the spirit of the times and become a generational phenomenon in recent years, it is the TikTok application. 

Originally launched by China-based ByteDance, the video-sharing app went global in 2017. It merged with Douyin a year later for $1 billion as a separate app.

At its launch, TikTok videos were mainly lypsincs (a kind of karaoke that consists in synchronizing the movement of one's lips on the lyrics of a song) and dance challenges. But soon, the content diversified to include cooking recipes, makeup tips or clothing fittings. But whatever the subject, the format remains the same: short videos of fifteen seconds maximum.

As in its early days, the TikTok application remains very popular with young people of generation Y and Z. Today, they still represent 40% of its users. However, adults are not excluded from the platform, quite the contrary. Millennials, for example, represent nearly one in three users

With such a wide range of content and such a large user base, it's not surprising that TikTok is the most downloaded application. A good reason not to miss the TikTok train, and to create an account for your brand. 

But before you get started, you might want to know more about TikTok . To help you align your marketing strategy with the current trends of the social network, and get a head start on your competitors, here are the TikTok statistics you need to know and exploit in 2023!

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Statistics on the growth of TikTok

1. 3.5 billion downloads of the application

TikTok has become the most downloaded application in the world.

The platform has exceeded 3.5 billion downloads. It is the fifth app (and the only one not belonging to the Meta group) to pass this milestone. Since 2018, no other app has managed to surpass TikTok's number of downloads.     

2. The application is present in 155 countries and available in 75 languages    

Despite threats of banning, especially in the United States, TikTok is a deeply international social network. Its development accelerated in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. In 2022,more than 50 countries were added to the map of TIkTok services

3. TikTok is the fastest growing company in 2022

In its annual report, Brand Finance announced that TikTok was the fastest growing company in the world. The app's value has increased 215% this year. Itis now worth $59.0 billion (up from $18.7 billion in 2021). 

4. TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users    

On September 27, TikTok announced that it will reach 1 billion monthly active users worldwide in the summer of 2022. 

For the social network, this statistic represents a 45% jump since July 2020 . The application is now the 7th most used social network in the world, ahead of Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 

5. 9 million monthly active users in France

In 2022, TikTok was used by 22 million French people. Every day, nearly 9 million users connect to the application in France. 

6. Statistics of the TikTok audience in the world

Thinking about communicating on TikTok? Before you start creating content, it's important to understand who you're talking to. Some of the TikTok numbers you should know to understand your audience include: 

  • 40% are men and 60% are women;    
  • 87% of the audience on TikTok is between 18 and 44 years old; 
  • 42% are between 18 and 24 years old; 
  • 31% are between 26 and 34 years old; 
  • And 14% are between 35 and 44 years old: 

7. TikTok's audience in France    

In France, the same figures are found overall:

The French users are composed of : 

  • 44% of men and 56% of women 
  • 67% of the audience on TikTok in France is between 18 and 44 years old; 
  • 37% between 18 and 25 years old; 
  • 20% between 26 and 34 years old; 
  • 10% between 35 and 44 years of age. 

TikTok usage statistics

Let's now move on to the TikTok statistics that can help us to decipher the use of the application by its users and their behavior on it. 

8. The number of hours users spend on the application

TikTok is known for its tremendous retention and engagement rates. On average, they spend 95 minutes a day on the app (that's over an hour and a half) and 26 hours a month (that's over a day). 

9. The number of times users access the application

90% of TikTok users log on to the application every day. In total, 9 out of 10 users open TikTok at least once a day .

10. The number of TikTok users who post at least one video     

A recent study shows that 83% of all TikTok users have posted their own video content at least once since signing up. This TikTok statistic shows that the vast majority of its users enjoy consuming as much as creating content on the social network.     

11. The number of videos created and published on TikTok in France

More than 64 million TikTok videos are created and published each month in France.

12. The percentage of TikTok users who try something new after seeing it on the platform

TikTok is a trendsetter. Viral content on the platform has the ability to inspire users to take action. A recent study commissioned by the social network showed that 43% of its users will go somewhere or try something new after seeing it in a TikTok video. 

For companies, this means that sharing content on TikTok about their products or services can be a great lever for conversions, and therefore for growth .

Statistics related to TikTok marketing

Are you consideringusing TIkTok as a communication channel and marketing tool? Here are the TikTok numbers you need to know to optimize your strategy.

13. 71% of people admit that the biggest trends start on TikTok.

14. 40% of Gen Z users prefer to use Instagram and TikTok as their search engine over Google.

(According to internal data shared by Google

The SEO TikTok is therefore a great opportunity to seize on the network, accumulating several tens of millions of searches per day.

15. Brand engagement rates on TikTok far surpass those of other platforms.

In 2021, the average engagement rate for branded posts on TikTok was 5.6%, 6 times higher than Instagram (0.83%).

16. Spending in the application for the first quarter of 2022 was 840 million dollars

They surpass all mobile applications and games to date.

17. 68% of TikTok users remember better a brand that posted a video with a song they like. 

18. 70% of French businesses on TikTok say that the platform has allowed them to expand their customer base.

19. 49% of users say that TikTok helped them make purchasing decisions .

20. 72% of users find the ads on the platform inspiring.

21. An Ipsos study found that TikTok users were 50% more interested in LIVE content from brands than users of other social networks. 

Beyond its initial interest, 1 out of 3 TikTok LIVE users considers TikTok as the essential platform to exchange with brands.

22. Collaborating with TikTok creators can increase recall of your ads by 27%.

Statistics related to TikTok influencers

Among the paid strategies for breaking through on TikTok is, unsurprisingly, influencer marketing. If your company is considering collaborating with content creators, be aware that : 

23. The platform's data shows that influencers have an engagement rate of nearly 18%

The engagement rate of micro-influencers (content creators with less than 15K subscribers) is actually higher than macro-influencers. 

24. The first TIkTokeur in the world, Khaby Lame, has 153 million followers

25. Nearly 50% of the platform'screators are young adults between 18 and 25 years old

26. 45% of marketers use TikTok for influencer marketing

27. The top 5 highest paid influencers on TikTok are: 

  1. Charli d'Amelio - $17.5 million
  2. Dixie d'Amelio - $10 million
  3. Addison Rae - $8.5 million
  4. Bella Poarch - $5 million
  5. Josh Richards - $5 million

28. The top 5 most followed brands on TikTok :

  1. PSG : +36 million followers.
  2. Netflix: +32 million followers
  3. ESPN: +31 million followers
  4. Real Madrid: +24 million followers
  5. Guinness World Records: +22 million followers

29. Between January and July 2022, influencer video content accounted for 91% of views on the app. 

30. The most liked video on TikTok is M to the B by @bellapoarch with 54 million likes. 

We hope this data has helped you better understand the platform's audience and the expectations of its users, especially towards brands. Feel free to check out our other resources for making it big on TikTok and call on us if you need help launching your first TikTok campaigns or collaborating with the right influencers!

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